Health benefits of fresh vegetables

Vegetables provide complete nutrition to our body. These contain vitamins, dietary fibers and folic acid which are essential for our body. As requirement of vegetables is increasing day by day so the need of vertical farming in UAE is increasing for vegetables. Fresh vegetable suppliers in Dubai are also taking advantage of vertical farming. 

In this article, we have enlisted all health benefits and nutrients of vegetables.

Nutrients of vegetables:

Vegetables are low in calories so those persons who want to lose weight can eat vegetables because they are low in fat and cholesterol.

Vegetables are rich source of vitamins. These contain vitamin A, B and C. Vitamins are necessary for our eyes, hair and body. Vitamins contain potassium which is necessary to maintain blood pressure in our body. The foods which contain vitamin are sweet potato, spinach, lentils and kidney beans. Vegetables are rich source of vitamin A which is important for our eyes and skin.

Vegetables also contain folic acid which is important for females as it protects them from neural tube defects and spina bifidia. Citrus vegetables contain vitamin C i.e. Lemon. Vitamin C is necessary for wound healing and for teeth and gums. Green leafy vegetables are rich source of iron. Iron is necessary to give strength to our body. 

Health benefits of vegetables:

Vegetables are great source of fiber so these are helpful in providing energy and to maintain body weight. Vegetables contain less amount of cholesterol so obese persons and those persons who have high cholesterol problem should eat vegetables.

Eating vegetables also protect us from cancers because these also strengthen immune system of our body. Eating vegetables on daily basis may also reduce risk of chronic diseases. More use of vegetables in diet may prevent from stroke, obesity and diabetes. 

Fresh vegetables are free from preservatives and other chemicals. These chemicals are not good for our health.  Canned foods or frozen foods are now being trendy just because of the fact that these are easy to make. But these foods contain chemicals, dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives. These foods do more harm to our body than good. Therefore, to provide full nutrition you should eat fresh vegetables. 


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