How to restyle and wear the same dress

We have all been through the situation where we buy a dress and end up loving it to the ends of the earth which means it’s worn over a hundred times already. This is the good part of the dress, the bad part is that you get the same kind of pictures every time you wear that dress and people might even start recognizing you more from the dress and less from your own name.

The good part is that you can still wear the dress as modest clothing Dubai and make it look like a different one. Keep on reading to find out the secret to wearing the same dress and not getting tired of it.

  • Accessorize it

There are some dresses which are best in their original form and they don’t need any accessories to lift up their style, this is often one of the classic sleek dresses. But in order to make it look different, accessorize it differently and see how a necklace can make the whole dress look different. Or add a pair of earrings and different contrasting heels. Try to aim for a different colour combo and voila, you will be ready with a newly accessorized dress.

  • Add a coat

If you are looking for a new and different kind of look to the dress and if it’s an evening wear then we believe a coat can work amazingly over it. Find yourself a sparkly and chic coat or buy abaya Dubai which you can drape over your dress and wear it on the way to the party. A coat or a jacket adds a lot of drama to the outfit and when you walk out like this in the party you are sure to be considered a big deal. Do add some heels and pretty accessory to add a touch of awesomeness. 

  • DIY it

We know this can be one of the hard tips to accept but if you do find some courage to cut up the dress and sew it into something different then trust us it will turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life. Yes, you can and you definitely should seek help from a professional in such task. Get inspired by the different ideas available on the internet and turn it into something new and different.


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