Tips for Food Stylists

The look of a food has a great impact on viewers for choosing the right food for eat. If the food looks awkward, then most people do not make a choice to eat it. So, there is always a need for food stylist. Food looks and the way you present the food is a lot more vital than its overall taste.

A food stylist holds mastery over the art of arranging food in a manner that it continues to look fresh and delicious at all times. There are so many situations especially when photography is being carried out on the food that has been prepared. You may have seen some food pictures in menus, magazines, advertisements, and cook books that have been arranged and styled in a way that enhances the attraction towards food.

Good images of food have enough attraction to create the desire to eat or drink for the image viewer. Food stylists use many tricks to make food look more delicious and attractive. Look at this site for knowing some food stylists usual techniques.

Meat loses its mass and moisture when cooked completely. So, under cooked meat is usually used in the photography. Food stylists normally cook the meat up to when food looks perfect.

Toothpicks and wooden skewers are also become tools and are used for certain dishes to have right look for food photography. Stylists use wax or glue for holding food in the right place. Normally, glue or wax is used between the food and the place where food is placed for fixing correctly. For the bubbles, soap is used. In this way, bubbles or foam are produced for having perfect look of some drinks for food photography. For ice cubes, food stylists use clear acrylic cubes because it has the same look of original ice and it give better look in food photography. The other advantage of this fake ice is that it does not melt.

For better food colour, food stylists use paints the food. Motor oil is used to replicate the looks of pancake syrup in order to enhance the attraction of the food. Original milk is also substituted by white glue when the cereal is poured into a bowl. The glue is thicker than the milk, and has the potential to ensure that the pieces of cereal do not turn soggy as it would make them look unappealing right away. Fast drying glue is used to reconstruct the pieces of torn or crumbled food.

Food stylist must be creative mind and professional who prepares food for its close-up. They often work closely with editors, chefs, and food photographers.


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